United Nations Foundation Makes $16 Million in Grants With Focus on Youth and HIV/AIDS

The United Nations Foundation (UNF) has announced a major new round of investments totaling more than $16 million to support UN projects around the world. The fall 2000 round of grants directed major funding toward two areas of special emphasis — reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, especially among youth, and promoting clean energy development in key countries.

"We are extremely proud of this strong package of community-based projects addressing the social, economic and health challenges associated with HIV/AIDS in Africa," said Timothy Wirth, president of the UN Foundation. "Nowhere is the need for international support and cooperation so pressing as this region of the world."

As part of this round of funding, the foundation will invest more than $12 million to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout Africa. In one project, UNICEF will initiate and build upon existing Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) prevention activities in eight Southern African countries — the region hit hardest by the AIDS pandemic. In a separate grant, UNF will support United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) efforts to change risky youth behavior in Angola through youth-to-youth programs and introducing life skills training for in-and out-of-school adolescents.

This round of grants also includes support to help the UN meet the energy needs of developing countries in an environmentally sustainable manner in Brazil, China, and India. (For the complete list of grants, see: http://www.unfoundation.org/unfnews/press/20001220.cfm

"United Nations Foundation Announces $16 Million for United Nations Programs ? Special Focus on Youth and HIV/AIDS" UN Foundation News Release 12/20/2000.