University of Houston Receives $4 Million for Polymer Research Center

The University of Houston has announced a $4 million grant from the Welch Foundation to establish a polymer research center.

The gift will enable the university to recruit two of the four chemists for its new Center of Excellence in Polymer Chemistry and will support the center's efforts to develop new polymer products and technologies that can be used to make products for the fiber, communication, packaging, and other industries. According to the university, chemists at the center will emphasize fundamental chemistry research but will also work with Houston-area petrochemical companies seeking to convert natural gas feedstock into advanced materials.

"The foundation's grant will help the university more rapidly expand and enhance its research on polymers, an area of research important to Texas and, in particular, Houston because of its close proximity and ties to the petrochemical industry," said David Hoffman, who chairs the university's department of chemistry.

"University Receives $4 Million to Launch New Chemistry Initiative." University of Houston Press Release 09/19/2013.