University of Texas Receives $8.2 Million From Houston Endowment

The University of Texas has announced an $8.2 million grant from the Houston Endowment in support of its University Leadership Network, which provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged students to help them achieve academic success and graduate in four years.

Named after Houston Endowment founders Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones, the ULN Jones Scholars program will provide a total of $20,000 in incentive-based scholarships over four years to three hundred and seventy-five Houston-area students enrolled at UT Austin. The grant also will be used to bolster programming designed to give students the support they need to succeed in college. To remain eligible and continue receiving the scholarship, students must stay on track to earn their degree in four years.

"The most important indicator of whether a student will struggle to graduate is whether he or she comes from an underresourced background," said David Laude, senior vice provost for enrollment and curriculum services. "We want these young people to complete their degrees and get on with their lives, enter the workforce on schedule, well prepared to succeed in careers and in life without incurring additional debt by staying more than four years."