Upswing Fund awards $10.8 million to expand mental health services

Upswing Fund awards $10.8 million to expand mental health services

The Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Health has announced grants totaling $10.8 million to expand mental health services for adolescents of color and LGBTQ+ youth across the country.

The funds will enable organizations to expand their capacity to provide services and deploy innovative solutions designed to improve access to care. In response to evolving needs during the coronavirus pandemic, many grantees have pivoted to providing direct services to adolescents through professionally facilitated chat rooms and peer discussion groups, video and text-based telehealth services, youth-led mental health workshops, and mobile counseling centers. In addition, several awardees are focused on mitigating systemic barriers to care by working to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health challenges through targeted campaigns, integrating school-based services, and education for families and caregivers.

Launched in October 2020, the Upswing Fund is a collaborative effort seeded by Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates, with additional support provided by the Klarman Family Foundation.

"We are happy to announce that financial support from the Upswing Fund will enable organizations to continue mission-critical work with adolescents who are of color and/or LGBTQ+ in this challenging time," said Upswing Fund director Solomé Tibebu. "These organizations are on the front lines combatting a mental health epidemic during a global pandemic by delivering impactful programs and innovations in an ever-changing world."

(Photo credit: Adobestock)