UT Rio Grande Valley Receives $15 Million for Neuroscience Institute

The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley has announced a $15 million gift from the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation to create an institute for neuroscience research and education on its Harlingen campus.

In partnership with hospitals in the region, the new institute will work to provide integrated clinical services, education programs, and community outreach and engagement in the areas of mind/brain health, behavior and prevention; develop medical student clerkships in psychiatry and neurology as well as research and clinical fellowships in various subspecialties; and establish multidisciplinary programs in clinical excellence and personalized medicine. In addition, the institute's health and prevention programs will focus on the early detection/intervention of psychotic disorders, community education, and coaching with respect to certain neurologic/behavioral disorders, as well as the implementation of behavioral health practices in internal medicine and other primary care clinics.

"This is not solely a UTRGV effort," said UTRGV president Guy Bailey. "We will work in close collaboration with Valley Baptist. They have been tremendous partners with us throughout this and we think this collaboration really cements our relationship that will help us move forward in significant ways."

"UTRGV Announces $15M Gift From the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation." University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley Press Release 02/03/2017.