UW Medicine Receives $15 Million Pledge for Dialysis Innovation

Northwest Kidney Centers has announced a five-year, $15 million commitment to the University of Washington in support of start-up projects at the university's Center for Dialysis Innovation.

A collaboration launched last November between UW Medicine's Kidney Research Institute and UW Biomaterials/Bioengineering, the center is focused on using biomaterial and bioengineering technologies to create a future in which dialysis therapy is free of complications and able to completely restore kidney health. The grant represents 60 percent of the center's five-year fundraising target of $25 million.

"[The] aim is to develop revolutionary dialysis technologies, including a wearable dialysis system that is low-cost and energy- and water-efficient," said Northwest Kidney Centers president and CEO Joyce F. Jackson. "This would not only sustain users' lives, but give them more vitality and productivity. This work is desperately needed."

"The excitement we feel today harks back to the environment here in Seattle in the early 1960s that produced the first successful dialysis therapy for ongoing treatment of people with permanent kidney failure," added Jackson. "We're eager to see how far talented scientists, engineers, and physicians of this current generation can go to provide hope for people with chronic kidney disease."