Value of volunteer time rose nearly 7 percent in 2019

Value of volunteer time rose nearly 7 percent in 2019

Independent Sector has announced that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States reached $27.20 in 2019, up nearly 7 percent from $25.43 in 2018.

The estimate is based on the average hourly earnings — plus 15.7 percent, an updated figure, to account for fringe benefits — of all production and non-supervisory workers on private non-farm payrolls as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The estimated value of a volunteer hour was highest in Washington, D.C. ($44.14), followed by Washington ($33.02), Massachusetts ($32.96), Connecticut ($32.07), California ($31.51), and New York ($31.29).

Some seventy-seven million people in the United States currently volunteer about 6.9 billion hours worth an estimated value of approximately $187.7 billion to nonprofit organizations of all types.

"We know intuitively and through the value of volunteer time that volunteers' selfless work is a valuable asset that enables nonprofits to extend even further critical services they provide in communities nationwide," said Independent Sector president and CEO Dan Cardinali. "But during this extraordinary time of challenge caused by COVID-19, when many organizations are struggling economically to maintain mission-critical operations, the contributions of volunteers are more important than ever, and often a critical linchpin that enables nonprofit organizations to continue to provide needed services to help communities endure and survive the pandemic."

"Independent Sector releases new value of volunteer time of $27.20 per hour." Independent Sector press release 07/21/2020.