W. Alton Jones Foundation to Be Dissolved

The W. Alton Jones Foundation in Charlottesville, Virginia, has announced that its board of trustees has agreed to dissolve the foundation and to distribute its assets among three new charitable organizations to be headed by members of the Jones family.

Established in 1944 by oilman W. Alton "Pete" Jones, the foundation has focused on developing new ways for humanity to interact with the planet's ecological systems and worked to eliminate the threat of nuclear war by providing alternative methods of resolving conflicts and promoting security. The decision to create three new organizations will help build upon the foundation's accomplishments over fifty-six years while providing the opportunity to explore additional areas of philanthropic activity.

The foundation will honor all of its outstanding commitments.

"W. Alton Jones Foundation's Assets Will Be Distributed to Three New Philanthropies Upon Dissolution" W. Alton Jones Foundation Press Release 08/01/2001.