Way to Rise to raise $59 million for voter protection, racial equity

Way to Rise to raise $59 million for voter protection, racial equity

Ahead of the 2020 elections, progressive funder collaborative Way to Win has announced the launch of an effort to raise $59 million to fill funding gaps for organizations serving communities of color.

Led by Way to Win's 501(c)(3) partner, Way to Rise, the campaign will focus on supporting voter mobilization and protection efforts, including expanding vote-by-mail opportunities and digital organizing in communities of color across key battleground states. Housed at the Amalgamated Charitable Foundation and focused on voter protection and education, training and capacity building, and narrative change with respect to multiracial communities, Way to Rise is supported by, among others, the Amalgamated, FordNathan CummingsOpen Society, and Weissberg foundations, in addition to Way to Win. 

With a significant but undisclosed amount already committed to the effort, Way to Rise will work to provide sustained, nonpartisan support for civic engagement focused on communities of color and will direct the funds it raises to more than seventy organizations, including Phoenix-based InstitutoBlueprint North Carolina, and the Texas Civil Rights Project, which all provide voter education programs, training, and mutual aid; Kairos and Reframe, which work to support and expand digital organizing in communities of color; Sojourners and the Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute, which are engaged in voter protection efforts; and United We Dream and Color of Change, which are fighting against systemic racial inequality.

"We need to meet the urgency of this moment. There is deep potential for real, long-term change — look to the civic uprisings nationwide facilitating institutional change in just a few weeks — but we need everyone to keep their foot on the gas pedal," said Way to Rise senior advisor Nicole Boucher. "We're challenging others and our partners in the sector to help fill critical funding gaps for communities of color, who have long been underresourced in philanthropy."

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"Way to Rise announces $59.1m goal with foundational partners to substantially fund voter protection and racial equity." Way to Win press release 06/19/2020.