XPRIZE to Crowdsource Prizes in Energy, Food, Environment

XPRIZE to Crowdsource Prizes in Energy, Food, Environment

The XPRIZE Foundation has announced an open call to innovators interested in designing future XPRIZE competitions in five areas: Off-Grid Energy for the Developing World, Saving Coral Reefs, Disaster Prediction, Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty, and Feeding the Next Billion.

When creating a competition, the XPRIZE Foundation typically turns to either an internal team or outside experts. This year, however, the organization will use the HeroX crowdsourcing platform to source hundreds of XPRIZE design concepts in advance of its 2018 Visioneering Summit.

Teams entering the 2018 Visioneering Prize-Design Challenge will have the option of watching a "master class" video on designing an XPRIZE taught by the organization's founder and executive chair, Peter H. Diamandis, before submitting their concept, which must include the proposed name of the prize, a suggested prize purse, competition rules, and other details. Designers of the best concepts submitted through the HeroX platform will be eligible for a variety of cash prizes and will be invited to work with XPRIZE experts to refine their concept before taking a global stage later this year at the annual summit.

According to XPRIZE officials, the Energy of the Future competition seeks to foster breakthrough innovations around energy generation that will enable humanity to eradicate energy poverty for the 1.2 billion people who currently do not have access to a reliable source of power. Saving the Coral Reefs, which is sponsored by the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative, seeks scalable innovations designed to protect and restore ocean coral reefs. The Natural Disaster Prediction competition aims to save lives and prevent economic loss through better mechanisms for predicting and preventing the impact of natural disasters, while Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty is focused on exponentially increasing the income for millions of farmers living on less than $2 a day. And the Feeding the Next Billion competition, which is sponsored by the Tony Robbins Foundation and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, seeks to ensure that the 10 percent of the global population that remains undernourished has access to nutritious food produced in a sustainable way.

"At XPRIZE, we believe the crowd is able to attack and solve the world's grandest challenges. This year we are also testing the hypothesis that the crowd can also design XPRIZEs in a fashion that will help us get our work done faster, better, and cheaper," said Diamandis. "We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. Building on HeroX and our annual Visioneering Summit, we look forward to taking the crowd's participation to the next level and empowering the public to architect the future."