Yeshiva University Gets $25 Million for Graduate, Professional Studies

Yeshiva University has announced a $25 million gift from Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz to establish a school of graduate and professional studies.

The Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies will offer degrees in a variety of fields, including marketing, allied health, community education,  data science, and cybersecurity, with both face-to-face and online-learning options. The focus of the school will be on helping students build their professional network and a portfolio of work that enables them to succeed in their careers long after graduation.

"If we have a core principle about philanthropy, it is this: invest in people. And the best investment you can make in people is through education," said Mordecai Katz, a former aerospace executive who currently serves as vice chair of the Yeshiva University board. Monique Katz, a retired radiologist and graduate of YU-affiliated Albert Einstein College of Medicine, serves as vice chair of the Stern College for Women board.

"Our curricula will be informed by industry, making them relevant, contemporary, and forward-looking," said Katz School dean Paul Russo. "Our faculty delivers practical knowledge as well as the science behind the skills — we teach not just how but why." Russo also emphasized the school’s commitment to project-based learning in addition to the traditional textbook-and-test approach. "We’ll work closely with YU’s Career Center and alumni network to build bridges and establish connections for our graduates. Yeshiva is an academic powerhouse where students get a world-class education with individualized support."

"YU Establishes the Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies." Yeshiva University Press Release 03/21/2016.