Ananias House

Ananias House
Founded: 2017

Mission: To equip communities in the Middle East and North Africa with dynamic ministries to develop churches, train leaders, and provide life-enriching services to local communities of believers.

About the organization: Ananias House provides training and resources to local churches and Christian leaders in nine countries including Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, and Algeria, where many church leaders have fled for safety reasons, creating a spiritual leadership vacuum.

Current programs: The organization provides theological and strategic leadership training to help pastors and leaders serve their ministries effectively; empowerment and leadership training for women; and counseling and trauma-healing services for children in conflict areas. The organization also helps locate and acquire buildings where Christians can gather in a safe space to conduct church life and activities; assists with repairs to physical structures; provides Bibles, supplies, and equipment to enable the church to gather as a community; and partners with schools to support Christian programming and financial assistance for students' school fees, supplies, and transportation. In addition, for those who have been displaced by conflict, Ananias House partners with other organizations and local churches to provide relief supplies in the form of food rations, medical assistance, heaters, and blankets. 

Website: Visitors to the Ananias House website can learn about the organization's beliefs and programs or browse stories of impact and updates. They also can find out how to get involved as a volunteer or prayer partner or by making a donation.

P.O. Box 941292
Houston, TX 77094
Phone: (346) 763 7649

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