Black Men Teach

Black Men Teach
Founded: 2018

Mission: To recruit, prepare, place and retain Black male teachers in elementary schools.

About the organization: Founded in 2018 in the Twin Cities, where approximately 70 percent of public school students are children of color but only 17 percent of teachers are people of color, Black Men Teach seeks to create an environment in which Black male teachers can thrive and students can be affirmed for who they are. According to the organization, Black boys who have a Black male teacher in elementary school are 29 percent less likely to drop out of school later, with an even greater impact on Black boys from very low-income families, while students who are taught by teachers of the same race/ethnicity tend to score higher on math and reading tests. To address the "teaching gap" for African-American boys, Black Men Teach works to address challenges that Black male teachers face in the areas of recruitment, training options and costs, school culture, meaningful career paths, and compensation....

Current programs: The organization is partnering with eight K-5 schools in the Twin Cities with the aim of ensuring that, within six years, Black male teachers comprise at least 20 percent of the teaching staff at each of those schools. To that end, the organization engages with community leaders and organizations to encourage African-American men to pursue teaching as a career; provides scholarship assistance to candidates; supports the placement of teacher candidates at its partner K-5 schools; and provides mentoring and coaching aimed at putting candidates into a career that offers adequate compensation and opportunities for growth.

Website: Visitors to the Black Men Teach site can learn more about the BMT approach; learn more about its school and funder partners; and/or explore the question "Is teaching for you?" Vitiors to the site can also support the organization and the teachers it works by making a donation.

Funding: Black Men Teach is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations.

1001 Highway 7
Hopkins, MN 55305
Phone: (770) 378-1666

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