Brother's Brother Foundation

Brother's Brother Foundation
Founded: 1958

Mission: To promote international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical supplies, educational materials, and other resources.

About the Organization: Lack of access to health care is an issue that plagues much of the developing world. In particular, individuals in rural areas may live miles from the nearest hospital or clinic. The Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) was founded in 1958 by Robert A. Hingson, MD, and a few colleagues to help the many around the world who lack good health care, education, and nutrition. In the sixty-plus years since, BBF has helped people in a hundred and forty-nine countries, working through and in partnership with local agencies and institutions, including hospitals and universities, religious organizations, Rotary clubs, professional societies, and others. Together with partners in the United States and other wealthy countries, BBF has provided more than $4 billion in goods and services, including 107,000 tons of medical supplies, text books, seeds, and food; has helped fund construction of new hospitals and clinics; and has worked to strengthen the medical programs of already-existing health centers.

Current Programs: BBF was created for the purpose of improving world health and is still dedicated to that goal, as demonstrated by its distribution of medicines, supplies, and equipment to hospitals, clinics, and physicians around the world.

Working with domestic and in-country relief organizations, the organization's Medical Program provides pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment donated by corporations, hospitals, and individuals across the United States to areas of greatest need. Pharmaceutical donations include analgesics, antibiotics, hypertensives, anti-fungals, and diabetes medications. Medical supply and equipment donations range from syringes, bandages, gloves and surgical instruments to crutches, wheelchairs, exam tables, and hospital beds.

Through its Education Program, BBF receives new books and educational material from a number of large U.S. based publishers, including Pearson Education and McGraw Hill Education, and distributes them to communities, schools, and students who truly need them. By working , in partnership with domestic partner organizations, BBF is able to ensure that all donated materials will improve the access and quality of education for disadvantaged children and out-of-school youth in the recipient countries.

The organization's Infrastructure Program is committed to providing lasting and sustainable solutions of the highest quality to those in need, including solar energy installations and other affordable energy solutions.

The organization also receives a variety of humanitarian aid donations, including new shoes and clothing from U.S. manufacturers. In addition to prompt disaster response, BBF provides ongoing requested humanitarian donations through in-country partner agencies. 

COVID-19 Response: BBF has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to its partners in Pennsylvania, nationally, and around the world. As a PA VOAD (Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster), the organization works closely with local government agencies, healthcare providers, and frontline responders in the greater Pittsburgh area. In addition to hospitals, its local efforts focus on clinics serving the disadvantaged, homeless, and others in need. It also is prepared to provide equipment, supplies, and hospital beds, as requested. In nearly every case, the PPE supplies it has been able to donate have been far less than needed. To that end, and to bolster its short-term response to the crisis, the organization has launched a COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Website: In addition to general organizational information, program and project information, and information about its COVID Emergency Fund, the BBF website provides guidelines for in-kind donations to the organization, information for medical groups interested in securing donations to hand carry abroad, and information about volunteer opportunities.

Funding: The Brother's Brother Foundation is supported by gifts-in-kind, cash donations from individuals, and grants from foundations.

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