Freedom Fund

Freedom Fund
Founded: 2013

Mission: To mobilize the knowledge, capital, and will needed to end slavery.

About the organization: Established by Humanity UnitedLegatum, and Walk Free, and with offices in London and New York City, the Freedom Fund works with investors, governments, anti-slavery organizations, and those at risk of exploitation to eradicate modern slavery in the countries and sectors where it is most prevalent. With the aim of protecting vulnerable populations, liberating and reintegrating enslaved individuals, prosecuting those responsible, and dismantling the systems that allow slavery to persist, the organization raises funds and identifies and invests in the most effective frontline organizations working to end slavery.

Current programs: The organization's programs include Hotspot Projects, which support clusters of the most effective community-based organizations in regions with a high incidence of modern slavery. Current hotspots include Brazil, central Nepal, Ethiopia, Myanmar, northern India, Rajasthan, southern India, southeastern Nepal, and Thailand. To dismantle the underlying systems that allow slavery to persist , the fund's Global Initiatives catalyze action around a slavery-specific issue, industry, or approach; draw on the knowledge and expertise of local partner nonprofits to design, create, and test potential solutions; and engage local governments, the private sector, media, and social movements in driving systemic change. Strategies used by Global Initiatives include legal strategies, efforts to improve supply chain transparency, and treatment of survivors' mental trauma.

The fund's Movement Building initiatives are focused on strengthening the global anti-slavery infrastructure through the provision of platforms, tools, and knowledge that enable organizations to work together more effectively. And the Freedom Rising leadership development program seeks to build a strong, inclusive movement by lifting up women and survivors. 

COVID-19 website: The Freedom Fund established a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to provide immediate small-scale funding to some hundred frontline partners working with vulnerable communities in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand. Through the the fund, the organization provided emergency funding in support of food, shelter, sanitation, the purchase of protective equipment for shelter staff, transportation, and healthcare-related costs; capacity building support for NGO advocacy, the monitoring of the needs of vulnerable groups and ensuring that appropriate government funding was reaching those in need; and microgrants to savings and loans groups, self-help groups, and other community groups working to provide credit and help those most impacted absorb financial shocks related to the pandemic.

Website: Visitors to the Freedom Fund site can learn more about the organization's approach and programs, the NGOs and projects it currently supports, the impact of grantees' work, and its investors. They also can browse recent news about global antislavery efforts, stay abreast of developments via the organization's blog, and/or make a donation.

Funding: The Freedom Fund is supported by individuals, foundations, and government agencies.

315 Flatbush Avenue #406
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (929) 298-4972

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