Illumination Foundation

Illumination Foundation

Mission: To provide targeted, interdisciplinary services for vulnerable homeless clients and disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California.

About the organization: Founded in 2008, the Illumination Foundation works to disrupt two types of homelessness: intergenerational homelessness, which often stems from early childhood trauma severely impacting a child's development and leading to his or her inability as an adult to provide for his/her own children; and chronic homelessness, which tends to be the result of financial insecurity and/or chronic health conditions, including disability, workplace injury, loss of income, and/or mental illness. To address both types of homelessness in Southern California, the organization provides housing, medical and mental health care, substance abuse interventions, recuperative care, and childhood enrichment services, with a focus on helping families secure stable housing. 

Current programs: The organization's housing services include the providion of emergency housing, bridge housing for those transitioning between temporary and permanent housing, supportive permanent housing, and housing in micro-communities — multi-room houses for individuals who have a preference for communal housing or require additional support as they transition to permanent housing. The organization's clients also receive access to free preventative health care and basic medical care health expos and clinics provided by its partners, while its recuperative care program provides homeless patients discharged from hospitals with a place where they can recover safely and receive integrated medical oversight, intensive case management, behavioral health and substance use services, and other social services.

The organization's programs for homeless children and their families include Children's Resource Centers, which offer free early-childhood education; tutoring and afterschool academic assistance; outdoor activities and field trips; STEM lessons designed to help children develop their critical thinking, reasoning, teamwork, iand creative skills; nutritious meals; art and drama workshops; bilingual parenting classes; organized team sports and games; speech and language therapy; and access to health care. 

COVID response: Selected by the Healthcare Agency of Orange County to manage increased bed capacity for homeless individuals during the pandemic, the organization is creating additional capacity for up to twenty-three hundred beds across several facilities. 

Website: Visitors to the Illumination Foundation website can find out how to get help, browse success stories, check out the newsletter, sign up to volunteer for the organization, and/or make a donation.

Funding: The Illumination Foundation is supported by individuals, foundations, corporations, and program services.

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