Founded: 1997

Mission: To foster positive futures for young people (birth to age 26) in New York City with a disability.

About the Organization: A leading provider of information and training for young people in New York City with a disability and the professionals who support them, INCLUDEnyc counts inclusion, access, confidence, trust, and community as its core values. Of the nearly one million New Yorkers with a disability, some three hundred and forty-seven thousand are age 21 or younger, half of whom do not graduate from high school, while nationally 80 percent of people with disabilities are unemployed. To address these and other disparities faced by young people with disabilities, INCLUDEnyc works to build an inclusive society by providing direct assistance, training, and information to young people with disabilities as well as the caregivers and professionals who help them; conducts community outreach; and raises awareness of disability issues and supportive policies.

Current Programs: INCLUDEnyc's parent and family services include a multilingual Help Line that provides in-depth, one-to-one assistance to young people with a disability, as well as a Community Support program that brings specialists to locations across the city to answer questions in person. Project Possibility, the organization's youth and transition services program, provides direct support for youth who are transitioning into adult life, with participants creating and implementing a practical plan that is designed to lead them down a path to job training, employment, higher education, and/or other form of community engagement.

The organization's educational services include workshops for parents and trainings for professionals, both in person and via webinar, as well as information resources such as tip sheets, contact lists, news and event emails, and links focused on topics such as learning and school, parenting and advocacy, friendship and social relations, family support, and working and adult life. Educational programming for young people with disabilities include High School Launch, which teaches special education students how to advocate for the accommodations they need to be successful in school, and Bridges, which offers workshops and activities to help them develop the social-emotional competencies and life skills needed for independent living.

The organization also hosts events such as the Citywide Disability Conference, which presents leading experts speaking on a topic of particular interest to the community; College Is Possible, where parents and special education students are invited to learn more about the college admissions process and tour campuses; the INCLUDEnyc Fair, where families can explore camps, arts, sports, social, and recreational programs; and  Outdoors for Autism, an afternoon of sporting events, music, and arts activities for children (ages 5-18) with autism and their families. All of INCLUDEnyc's programs are provided free of charge.

Website: Visitors to the INCLUDEnyc site, which is available in a Spanish-language version, can access informational resources in the areas of learning and school, family support, parenting and advocacy, working and adult life, and friendship and social relations; learn more about the organization's programs; and/or check out a calendar of events, trainings, and webinars. They also can stay abreast of developments through the organization's blog or podcast; sign up to receive the organization's newsletter; and/or make a donation.

Funding: INCLUDEnyc is funded by individuals, foundations, and government agencies.

116 E. 16th Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 254-4070

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