Jed Foundation

Jed Foundation
Founded: 2000

To reduce the youth suicide rate and improve the mental health safety net provided to college students nationwide.

About the Organization:
After Phillip and Donna Satow lost their youngest son, Jed, 20, a university student, to suicide in 1998, they turned their personal tragedy into a nationwide effort to make mental health a priority on college campuses. The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit public charity, develops information and intervention programs for colleges and universities so that they can identify young adults at risk for depression and other emotional disorders and steer them to treatment before they become suicidal.

Current Programs:
The organization has partnered with the Education Development Center and the University of Rochester's Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide to launch a Suicide Prevent Pilot Program designed to promote mental health and prevent suicide at several U.S. colleges. It also sponsors two Web sites: Understanding Depressive and Bipolar Disorders aids college counselors and other healthcare professionals in distinguishing between unipolar and bipolar disorders in students; and Ulifeline informs students about mental health and provides screening and access to their respective college's mental health center. The organization also is developing a set of tools, including a freshman questionnaire, to help college officials create an emotional profile of their campuses and identify and reach out to vulnerable students.

Web Site:
The organization's Web site provides information and facts about suicide geared to students and parents, details about its programs (see above), and related links.

The organization is supported by gifts and grants from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations.

Contact: Carol Ullman, Director of Development
Phone: (212) 647-7544
Fax: (212) 343-1141


June 26, 2018