Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
Founded: 1990

Mission: To ensure that homelessness in Montgomery County is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

About the organization: Established in 1990, the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless seeks to end homelessness by building a community where everyone has a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home. The organization's work is guided by three principles: housing first, which prioritizes providing clients with permanent housing as quickly as possible, helping them address the issues that led to homelessness, and providing ongoing support to prevent its recurrence; harm reduction, which includes helping clients understand how harmful behaviors such as substance use limit their ability to thrive; and trauma-informed care, which recognizes that experiencing homelessness for even one night causes significant trauma and avoids causing further trauma in interactions with clients.

Current programs: The organization's programs include two emergency shelter facilities, ten permanent supportive housing programs, and Coalition Homes, which provides permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable populations with disabilities. The permanent supportive housing programs annually serve about eight hundred children and adults, including veterans, who receive two types of support — rental assistance, so they pay no more than 30 percent of their income toward rent regardless of income source or amount; and ongoing support services from a dedicated case manager. Coalition Homes is an affiliate of MCCH and the only developer of permanent supportive housing projects in Montgomery County; it currently owns and manages a hundred and forty units across several urban centers and provides management services in coordination with support services from MCCH. 

MCCH's advocacy efforts include campaigning for the adoption of best practices to address and end homelessness and hosting the HOME Conference

COVID-19 response: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the organization established the Care During COVID19 Fund, which had raised nearly $170,000 as of mid-August to help provide meals at the organization's men's shelter, ensure that formerly homeless clients are safe in their homes, and support MCCH staff. The organization also is calling for contributions to provide move-in kits for men transitioning from shelters to permanent housing as well as donations of food, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies for shelter facilities and formerly homeless clients.

Website: Visitors to the MCCH site can learn how to get help for themselves or someone else who is in crisis, watch videos of "stories of transformation," and/or find out how to help by advocatingvolunteering, or making a donation to the Care During COVID19 Fund or the organization.

Funding: The Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless is supported by individuals, foundations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

405 East Gude Drive, Suite 209
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 217-0314

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