New Classrooms Innovation Partners

New Classrooms Innovation Partners
Founded: 2011

Mission: To create and inspire better ways to give every student an educational foundation for lifelong success.

About the organization: Co-founded in 2011 by former fifth-grade teacher Joel Rose and educational consultant Chris Rush — who was named director of educational technology at the U.S. Department of Education in February — New Classrooms Innovation Partners has its roots in School of One, a 2009 initiative incubated by the New York City Department of Education focused on designing a school-based learning model for middle-school math that meets the unique needs of every student, every day. 

Current programs: New Classrooms launched its Teach to One: Math program in 2012 in Washington, D.C., and Chicago; today, the organization partners with schools in thirteen states through Teach to One 360, an adaptive personalized curriculum that includes teacher-led, collaborative, and independent modalities and can be used as either a replacement for the core curricula or as a supplement to it. According to an evaluation of fourteen schools that implemented the program for three years, students in the program saw 23 percent more in terms of learning gain than the national average (based on NWEA MAP test scores). Teach to One Roadmaps enable students to progress along a customized learning path toward grade-level math proficiency and beyond and make it easy for teachers, administrators, and parents to track their progress.

Website: Visitors to the New Classroom site can read a report from the organization, The Iceberg Problem, detailing how, as a result of current assessment and accountability policies that force teachers to focus exclusively on grade-level math, the extent of cumulative learning gaps in middle-school math remains hidden, hindering students' college- and career-readiness. State policy makers and educators can learn about Math Innovation Zones, a framework for overcoming the problem that encourages schools and district to focus on comprehensive learning growth across the middle school grades — and not just on a summative assessment of grade-level performance. Visitors also can check out the New Classroom's blog for the latest developments and/or make a donation in support of the organization.

Funding: New Classrooms is supported by individuals and foundations.

1250 Broadway 30th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 920-6130

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