Women's Peacepower Foundation

Women's Peacepower Foundation
Founded: 1998

"Working to bring peace to the everyday lives of women and their children."

The Women's Peacepower Foundation became a grantmaking public charity in 1998 after a ten-year history as a private fund. The primary purpose of the organization, which receives no government funding, is to give Amigas Awards to selfless, passionate individuals working to empower women through innovative programs designed to end family violence. The award carries a $250 prize and a flexible amount of technical assistance. The Peacepower Media Award honors people working to promote peace in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities through various types of media projects.

Current Programs:
Programs include awards to encourage people around the world who are working to bring peace to families; financial planning seminars for women; technical assistance to award recipients in the areas of long-range planning and fund development; and fundraising assistance. Since the organization's inception in 1998, over $200,000 has been awarded to 143 individuals and programs in over 41 countries, including the United States.

Web Site:
The Women's Peacepower Foundation Web site (www.peacepower.org) provides general information relating to the organization, including a monthly newsletter, women's financial planning worksheets, a listing of recient award recipients, and links to Web sites of interest.

Funding Needs:
Peacepower is looking to raise $165,000 to meet its general operating expenses, pay off the mortgage on its offices in a small historic home, and continue expanding the technical assistance portion of its awards programs.

Contact: Candice Warmke, President/CEO
2729 Rocky Ford Road
Kittrell, NC 27544
Phone: (352) 567-9116
Fax: (352) 567-0809

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