American Documentary

American Documentary

Mission: To make documentaries that nurture the nonfiction community and catalyze public discourse.

Background: A national nonprofit media arts organization, American Documentary (AmDoc) has presented, through collaborations with filmmakers, more than five hundred nonfiction and interactive projects over broadcast during the last thirty-plus years. With the goal of preserving its industry-leading reputation while also ensuring that its content is more accessible than ever to existing audiences as well as new viewers, AmDoc updated its online presence in 2018, creating a single, searchable platform that aggregates content from all of its series.

Outstanding Web Features: The site's navigation prioritizes categories such as "Watch" (searchable by series, topic, or documentary type) and "Engage" (searchable by location and event type), enabling visitors to explore the full array of media on the site, regardless of broadcast origin. The improved navigation of the site also takes advantage of AmDoc's most well-known series — POV and America Reframed — giving users direct access to documentaries they may have been exposed to via broadcast or cable TV, and putting its Interactives division on an equal footing with other series material. Working hand-in-hand with its broadcast affiliates, the platform also makes it possible for AmDoc to publish custom-themed roundups on its top-level pages featuring specific films and media coverage. For those searching for ways to get involved with documentary filmmaking, the site also offers various opportunities through its funds and residencies, hackathons & labs, and other filmmaker resources sections.

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