Black Dollar Index

Black Dollar Index

Mission: To hold corporations accountable for serving Black employees, consumers, and communities and empower Black consumers to help make informed purchasing decisions.

Background: Kelle Rozell, a marketing director from Brooklyn, launched the Black Dollar platform with a small group of other Black professionals in the wake of the social unrest surrounding the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Corporate America responded to the killings and the national protests that followed with public statements of support that often were not backed up by actions. In reponse, Rozell created the Black Dollar Initiative to help mobilize the more than $1.4 trillion in yearly spending by Black Americans for racial equity. The index provides consumers and investors with a way to gauge companies' economic and social justice commitments and align their purchasing and investing decisions accordingly. To date, Black Dollar Index researchers have evaluated the performance of more than a hundred companies in the Fortune 1000. 

Outstanding Web Features: The multi-factor scoring system rates top consumer-facing corporations from 0 – 100 across ten quantitative (80 percent) and qualititative (20 percent) categories. The quantitative data behind the index includes the percentage of a company's employees that are Black, the percentage of a company's management and leadership that are Black, the percentage of its directors that are Black, and whether the CEO is black. Qualitative factors include whether there have been any known racial claims against the company in the last five years, the company's known significant investments in Back initiatives, the seriousness of its supplier diversity program, and whether it has a diversity and inclusion initiative. As an example, Apple, which has made a $100 million commitment to racial equity and justice but falls short in black workforce representation and has a known negative racial claim, scores a 58 (out of 100). By comparison, AT&T, which has a larger black workforce and has committed $10 million to create economic opportunities in black and underserved communities, scores an 89. Visitors can search the idex by keyword or category (consumer goodsfinancefood servicesretailtechnology, and travel).

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August 13, 2020