Community Foundations of America

To offer community foundations the tools and environment to excel. Community Foundations of America works to provide products and services that help community foundations build their communities, serve donors, market themselves, and represent their interests in the broader social, philanthropic, and legislative milieu. The organization also encourages collaboration between subscriber community foundations and other interested groups.

Purpose of Site:
The CFA Web site provides information about the organization, its history, and how it works to provide resources for U.S. community foundations. It also provides a bevy of resources for its subscriber community foundations to help them with accountability issues, reaching donors, and managing operations.

Even as community foundations become larger and more visible in their communities and in the philanthropic world, they still face the tough task of making their voices heard in the crowded media landscape. CFA was founded in 1999 by a group of community foundation leaders, who recognized the need to better manage the new challenges, establish standards within the field, and maximize results by sharing ideas and resources. Today, more than 175 foundations have declared their intent to comply with CFA's standards, including subscribers such as the Austin Community Foundation, the Seattle Foundation, the Pittsburgh Foundation, and the Orange County Community Foundation. CFA continues to be driven by a collaborative approach that increases effectiveness and reduces the research, development, and marketing costs for members.

Home Page:
The main body of the home page offers a window into what's new on the CFA site, including new marketing materials and other products. Along the left side of the page is a toolbar with links to the main areas of the site: About Us, News and Events, Products and Services, Accountability, Reaching Donors, Managing Operations, Contact Us, and Site Map, as well as a keyword search box. The sidebar on the right provides links to CFA online discussions and other announcements.

Outstanding Feature:
One of CFA's main goals is to assist community foundations in identifying, attracting, and serving donors. The organization draws on the best thinking in the field and brings in experts to offer solid advice. The Reaching Donors part of the CFA site provides best-of-class resources and tools so that community foundations can market themselves and operate successfully in a competitive philanthropic marketplace. CFA's advice and strategies are organized into categories such as Marketing Your Foundation, Planned Giving Resources, and Understanding Our Marketplace. The section also includes tax tips, Web strategies, interviews with innovative leaders in the field, and statistical information.

Honorable Mention:
CFA conducts extensive research to identify the best products and services needed to support improved performance at community foundations nationwide. The Products and Services part of the Web site showcases the organization's products and also provides information on those currently in the research and development phase. CFA's products include VisionMgr, which helps community foundations develop a strong Web presence, and Market Research Tools such as High Net Worth Survey Tool Kit and Donor Survey Tool Kit. In addition to providing comprehensive product information, the site also features client lists and testimonials, including contact information for anyone who wants more information.

President and CEO: Carla Dearing
Main Office:
462 S. Fourth Avenue, Suite 405
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Tel: (502) 581-0804
Tel: (502) 581-0802

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