CovidPulse Map

CovidPulse Map

Mission: To support the process of reopening in the United States by enabling government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to visualize COVID-19 infection rate and trend data at the state- and county-level.

Background: Created by Jinnan Zhang and John Nelson of Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), an international provider of geographic information system (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications, the interactive CovidPulse map is a Web-based application that provides a visual sense of COVID-19 infection rates and trends at the county level and serves as a helpful resource for nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals interested in better understanding those trends. The counts displayed in the map are sourced from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE US Cases By County Dashboard and based on data collected since February 22, 2020.

Outstanding Web Features: The interactive application uses simple trend lines and bar graphs to illustrate new Covid-19 cases, mortality rates, and cumulative cases, by state and county, in an accessible and informative way. Mousing over a trend line opens a box containing updated data for that state or county, including population, new COVID cases and deaths over the past seven days, cumulative cases and deaths, and, at the county level, a one-word characterization of the trend in that county (Emergent, Spreading, Epidemic, Controlled, or End Stage). By clicking on a trend line, users can access additional details, including a weekly average of new daily cases, a weekly average of new daily deaths, and the biggest weekly jump in new cases.

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