Earth Pledge Foundation

To promote the practical benefits of sustainable development — the need to balance our desire for economic growth with the necessity of environmental, cultural and social preservation.

Purpose of Site:
To disseminate information on the foundation's mission, programs, and goals through a variety of online tools.

Foundation Description:
A nonprofit communications company, the Earth Pledge Foundation works in partnership with the private sector to produce projects and special events across a wide range of fields, including architecture, art, cuisine, environment, Internet, media, politics, technology, and tourism. The foundation's capabilities include ecofriendly print design, new media, special events, educational seminars and workshops, community affairs, public relations and strategic planning.

Home Page:
The friendly, upbeat home page highlights some nice design features in a simple easy-to-navigate layout.

Outstanding Feature:
The Stay Tuned section of the site features several listerv publications that visitors can sign up for — easy-to-follow directions are also featured in this section.

Honorable Mentions:
The Earth Pledge Foundation Web site will soon offer some films it has made in partnership with the New York media studio, Wild Kind in the eTV section of the site.

Executive Director: Leslie Hoffman
Main Office:
149 East 38th St.
New York, New York 10016
Tel: (212) 573-6968
Tel: (212) 808-9051
Location: New York; New York City

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