ePhilanthropy Foundation

ePhilanthropy Foundation

Mission: To foster the secure, private, and ethical use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes.

The ePhilanthropy Foundation was founded in 2000 by a coalition of nonprofit and for-profit organizations to fill a void: the Internet's dearth of ethical models or standards. The organization provides nonprofits with fee-based educational conferences, seminars, e-learning courses, books, and other publications, as well as free materials. The ePhilanthropy Foundation teaches nonprofits how to build relationships and fundraise online; promotes ethical online philanthropic practices; and encourages donors to use the Internet to support their favorite charities. Governed by an international board of twenty-nine trustees from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, the organization has served more than three thousand individuals from more than twelve hundred organizations in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. It partners with individuals, corporations, governmental bodies, associations, foundations, and other organizations to execute educational and advocacy programs in support of nonprofits.

Outstanding Web Features:
The ePhilanthropy Foundation Web site contains information about educational services; e-learning opportunities; and eTour seminars. It also supplies the Code of Ethical Online Philanthropic Practices; ten rules for ePhilanthropy; online-giving tips; downloadable quick tips; archived issues of eZine; and the Global Nonprofit Resource Center database of links to articles, books, news, tools, speeches, and other materials.

President and CEO: Ted Hart
Main Office:
1101 15th Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, District of Columbia 20005
Tel: (877) 536-1245
Tel: (202) 478-0910
E-mail: info@ePhilanthropy.org

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