Feeding America - Impact of Coronavirus on Food Insecurity

Feeding America - Impact of Coronavirus on Food Insecurity

Mission: To map the impact of COVID-related food insecurity in the United States.

Background: Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, defines a food-insecure household as one lacking consistent access to an adequate supply of food. According to the organization, more than 35 million people, including nearly 11 million children, lived in a food-insecure household before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic — the lowest level in more than twenty years. Tragically, the current public health crisis has reversed all the gains made over the ten years since the end of the Great Recession. Using analyses of national, state, county, and congressional district level data, the interactive map details how the number of food-insecure people in the U.S. could rise to more than 50 million, including 17 million children, by the end of the year.

Outstanding Web Features: Visitors to the site can toggle between four different dashboards: projected overall food insecurity by overall population, by state, by county, and by congressional district. Each dashboard displays projected changes in food insecurity as a direct result of COVID-19. For each dashboard, visitors can use a dropdown menu to select the 2020 Projected Overall Food Insecurity Rate, the 2020 Projected Child Food Insecurity Rate, the 2018 Overall Food Insecurity Rate, the 2018 Child Food Insecurity Rate, the Projected Percent Increase in Food Insecurity Rate (2018 to 2020), and the Projected Percent Increase in Child Food Insecurity Rate (2018 to 2020). Color-coding provides information as to where a state falls in the range of food insecurity, and the site also provides a list of individual states ranked by their rate, from highest to lowest. For more information, visitors can check out Feeding America's research on the subject, learn more about hunger in America and the organization's work, locate a nearby food bank, and/or learn more about taking action to end hunger in America.

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