Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch

Mission: To provide a transparency platform that reveals the location and behaviors of commercial fishing fleets on the planet's oceans.

Background: Launched in September 2016 by Oceana, Google, and SkyTruth, Global Fishing Watch leverages big data generated by satellite to create a comprehensive view of commercial fishing on the planet's oceans with the goal of creating transparency around those activities; accelerating research and innovation; and promoting the sustainability of the world's commercially fished species. Through partnerships with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Wyss Foundation, the Waterloo Foundation, and the Adessium Foundation, the platform also aims to protect critical marine habitats and make the oceans a more sustainable source of food for the world.

Outstanding Web Features: The Global Fishing Watch platform is built around three core components: a Fishing Activity Map, Vessel Tracking Data, and Research. The map is based on data generated by the Automatic Identification System (AIS), a satellite-powered tracking system that broadcasts the location of all AIS-enabled vessels as a way to prevent collisions at sea. By analyzing the identity, speed, and direction of vessels that use AIS (minus cargo ships and other non-fishing vessel activity), the platform is able to show apparent commercial resource extraction that takes place on the open ocean. Visitors to Global Fishing Watch can learn more about the platform and the data that powers it before they check out the interactive map, which is searchable, editable by "layers," and offers a number of filters. Visitors can also register to access or download the raw data that powers the public platform, learn more about the platform's ongoing transparency initiatives, access a list of related publications, and learn how they can make a difference and/or other spread the word.

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