Global Remote Working Data & Statistics

Global Remote Working Data & Statistics

Mission: To provide a definitive guide to the state of remote work arrangements around the world.

Background: Thanks in part to COVID-19, flexible work arrangements are becoming the new norm across many countries and industries. Indeed, working from home or a remote location gobally has grown 159 percent since 2005, more than eleven times faster than the workforce in general, a survey by Global Workplace Analytics finds. With the aim of creating a guide to the state of remote working globally, Merchant Savvy, an online financial services company based in the United Kingdom, has collated the most recent and reliable global remote working data from official government statistics, independent surveys, census data, and academic studies. One of the underlying assumptions of the project is that flexible work arrangements are generating happier, more productive employees and can be promoted by employers to attract job candidates and new talent.

Outstanding Web Features: The interactive report features charts and graphics illustrating the growing role of remote work in employment arrangements. Features of the report incude a country-level graph showing the percentage of businesses within a country with a flexible workspace policy vs. employees who consider flexible working to be the new normal; a country-leve chart of the European workforce "sometimes" working from home as a percentage of total employment (2008-18); a snapshot of the U.S. workforce working remotely, in some capacity or all the time; and the prevalence of remote working by job position. The site also includes a dataset featuring information about the effects or remote work on productivity, including how age factors in and the impact of flexible workplace options. Visitors to the site also will find information about how remote work impacts staff retention and employee well-being; potential downsides of remote work; the growing demand for remote-work options; and the impact of remote work on company and employee finances.

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