Mission: To provide guided exercises and mindfulness content for New Yorkers doing their best to cope with the most serious public health crisis in their lifetimes.

Background: Headspace was launched in 2010  by Andy Puddicombe, a former monk whose aim was to teach meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. In its original iteration, the enterprise was a meditation consultancy that worked with politicians, athletes, and business leaders. Puddicombe then met ad man Rich Pierson, and the two began exchanging meditation and business advice. Realizing that attendees at Headspace events wanted to take what they learned home, Puddicombe and Pierson decided to make their mindfulness and meditation techniques available online, launching an app where the meditation-minded could access guided meditations, animations, articles, and videos. Earlier this year, with COVID-19 spreading across the country, and with New York City emerging as a hotspot, Headspace and the Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo teamed up to offer free meditation and mindfulness content for New Yorkers doing their best to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 in their neighborhoods and communities. 

Outstanding Web FeaturesHeadspace Plus is a free resource for U.S. healthcare providers in a public healthcare setting who have an NPI (National Provider Identifier), while for non-healthcare providers Headspace has unlocked a free, specially curated "Weathering the Storm" collection of meditation and mindfulness content in the Headspace app. For businesses, educators, and caregivers, Headspace provides work tools and resources, and it also has a free social impact program for K-12 teachers that includes tips for having conversations with children about stress and anxiety related to the virus. On the Web portal, users can find guided exercises, advice designed to encourage better sleep experiences, videos on mindful living, meditations specially designed for kids, a suite of mindfulness exercises, and hundreds of articles, including many focused on stress, anxiety, movement, and healthy living. The site also provides general information on how to meditate, how to use meditation for work, how to find out more about the science of meditation (including research and the benefits), and a blog featuring a Watch & Listen section that includes a listing of podcasts on the subject.

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