Metabiota's Epidemic Tracker

Metabiota's Epidemic Tracker

Mission: To make the world more resilient to emerging and ongoing disease outbreaks that pose a significant risk to public health and/or societal, economic, or political stability.

Background: In the battle against disease outbreaks, multilateral organizations and government agencies like the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control traditionally have gathered data on the ground and, after an outbreak has been detected, worked closely with government agencies to develop a plan of action. Metabiota, a San Francisco-based startup, advances that model by combining field data with state-of-the-art analytics to help governments and insurers identify and respond to outbreaks before they can threaten public health or a country's political or economic stability. Positioning itself as a public health service, the company raised $30 million in Series A funding in 2015 to build out its offerings to government agencies and insurers globally and, in 2019, made its Epidemic Tracker available to policy makers, public health officials, and the general public at no charge. 

Outstanding Web Features: The platform currently is tracking a hundred and fifty-seven epidemics globally and offers information on more than a hundred and thirty distinct pathogens, including the name of the pathogen being tracked, the first known case reported, the last known case reported, the total number of cases reported, total reported deaths, and a "pathogen sentiment" score (a measure of public anxiety toward the selected pathogen based on symptoms, mortality, treatment options, etc.). Data collected on high-priority events like the recent Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in China are structured and validated by digital surveillance experts, ensuring that estimates of the number of reported cases and their distribution are reliable. Given the growing concern about 2019-nCoV, the company has created a separate Novel Coronavirus in China map to track the spread of the virus globally in real-time. For further information, users can read or download Metabiota's Current Global of Outbreaks of Concern report, which is issued biweekly.

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