New York Regional Association of Grantmakers

Mission and Purpose:
NYRAG is a nonprofit membership organization for philanthropy in the metropolitan area of New York City. It works to strengthen philanthropy by offering programs and resources that support effective, strategic grantmaking. NYRAG facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing among grantmakers, serves as a connection between grantmakers and nonprofit and government organizations, and helps communicate the value of the philanthropic sector to the public.

Purpose of Site:
In concert with the NYRAG mission, the organization's Web site provides information and resources to New York City grantmakers. General users and NYRAG members can access information about NYRAG and its annual reports; articles and materials written specifically for New York City grantmakers; and available jobs in the local nonprofit sector. In addition, the site has been updated to provide extensive information on New York City's philanthropic response to the September 11 terrorist attacks and offers related resources to grantmakers and nonprofits in the area.

Home Page:
The home page is neatly organized to allow users to quickly find and use the site's resources. A panel on the left side of the home page includes links to the major areas of the Web site —September 11 Resources, Resources for Philanthropy, About NYRAG, Calendar of Events, Jobs & Resources for Nonprofits, Member Directory, and FAQ. On the main body of the home page, NYRAG provides users with updated information on its efforts related to September 11, as well as links to various new features on the site.

The Association has increasingly used its Web site to provide resources to New York City grantmakers. Users can download application forms to distribute to their grantseekers (New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form) and access materials that can help them evaluate funded programs. NYRAG also provides many links to other helpful sites that can assist grantmakers with goals such as supporting the organizational effectiveness of nonprofits.

Recognizing that private grantmakers and city officials share an interest in the social and economic health of New York City, NYRAG works with the Mayor's Office of Grants Administrationthrough the City Connectinitiative to foster information-sharing and coalition-building between the two sectors and the nonprofit community. The NYRAG Web site contributes to this effort by providing the names and contact information of people that can help grantmakers pursue specific initiatives in the city.

Outstanding Feature:
The goals and objectives of NYRAG have been an important part of grantmaking in New York City for years, but the events of September 11 have made those efforts even more crucial to the city's well being. NYRAG has responded to the generous philanthropy following the terrorist attacks with speed and efficiency on its Web site. The September 11 Resourcessection of the site provides several lists of detailed philanthropic responses—Cash contributions, Employee gifts, In-kind donations, Other strategies, and Volunteer efforts. It offers temporary contact informationfor NYRAG members who were displaced by the disaster, information on deadlinesthat were extended for grant applications and reports, and Useful Linksfor grantmakers and nonprofits reacting to September 11.

Honorable Mention:
One of the most impressive features of the site's September 11 Resources section is the Reflectionspage. Under this heading, NYRAG has compiled minutes from donors' meetings related to September 11; its e-mail bulletins that have addressed the state of fundraising since the tragedy; and short opinion pieces about potential long-term philanthropic strategies and responses. Other resources available on the page include the Conduit Funds Report, which was commissioned by NYRAG and prepared by the Conservation Companyto provide information on the various funds established in response to the attack on the World Trade Center.

President: Barbara Bryan
Main Office:
505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1805
New York, New York 10018-6505
Tel: (212) 714-0699
Tel: (212) 239-2075
Location: New York City

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