To identify and provide information on top-performing nonprofits, enable donors to better direct their support for nonprofit work, and spark a dialogue on best practices in the nonprofit sector.

Originally known as the Nonprofit Knowledge Network, Philanthropedia has gathered a group of nearly four hundred foundation professionals, nonprofit executives, academics, and other experts to help identify which nonprofits are having the greatest impact. The organization surveys its experts about their criteria for measuring nonprofit effectiveness and has them identify top-performing nonprofits at the national, local, and start-up levels. In addition, individuals can support an entire subsector of the nonprofit world by donating to Philanthropedia's Expert Mutual Funds, which distribute money to groups of top-rated nonprofits in various subsectors.

Outstanding Web Features:
The Philanthropedia Web site makes it easy for visitors to learn about and donate money to nonprofits working in areas such as climate change, education, microfinance, and homelessness. Each mutual fund page offers information about that specific area as well as a list of the current top-rated nonprofits in that area. The site also offers gift cards, information about Philanthropedia's donor community, and a blog.

Co-Founder and CEO: Deyan Vitanov
Main Office:
2121 Sand Hill Rd.
Menlo Park, California 94025
Tel: (650) 234-4768

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October 10, 2019