Philanthropy in India

Philanthropy in India

Mission:  To give donors and foundations a picture of who is funding what and where in India.

Background: Although India is home to one of the fastest-growing social sectors in the world, the overall size and impact of philanthropic activity in India remain opaque. To address this knowledge gap, Candid, in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, created Philanthropy in India, a website that provides a comprehensive snapshot of philanthropy in India. The site collects data from multiple sources, cleans it, codes it using Candid's Philanthropy Classification System, and makes it available for free via various data- visualization tools. The portal also offers a collection of reports (350+) on Indian philanthropy and the Indian social sector; a funding map; and news related to India's social sector. 

Outstanding Web Features: The portal features grants made by both India-based and international foundations, high-net-worth individuals, corporations, internationally-focused charities, and multilateral donors and analyzes that data to answer key questions such as: Who is making grants in India? What issues and causes are being funded? And where do funding gaps exist? The Funding Map section of the site provides access to aggregated grant data and allows users to filter the data by recipient and funder, location, subject area, funding source (within India, outside India), population served, support strategy, and organization (by name or EIN). Various data-viz tools also allow visitors to find funders who support their issue or cause; analyze trends and identify funding gapslearn about organizations working to create change; and dive into knowledge produced by the field. The site also includes an overview of the current philanthropic landscape in India and an appeal to funders both within and outside India to share their grants data with Candid.

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