Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Tools

Mission: To provide tools and information to individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity.

Background: A collaborative effort of the Center for Assessment and Policy DevelopmentMP Associates, and World Trust Educational Services, the Racial Equity Tools website is the result of the merger of three sites, www.racialequitytools.org, www.evaluationtoolsforracialequity.org and www.racialequitylearning.org. The site supports individuals and groups working to advance racial equity, which it defines as the state of affairs that would prevail if one's racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, one's life outcomes. The tools, research, ideas, and tips provided on the site are targeted to people who want to increase their understanding of racial inequities in the United States at every level — systems, community and the culture at large — and help those working to achieve true racial justice.

Outstanding Web Features: In addition to more than twenty-five hundred tools, the site offers racial equity-focused research, tips, curricula and ideas, including ways to help communities assess, learn from, and document their racial equity work. Visitors also can drill down to find out more about the core concepts of racial equity, the history of racism and movements, the issues in play, and the racial equity change process; get help with creating an action plan; and learn more about racial equity strategies and ways to communicate a racial equity message; and how to sustain those efforts. They also features a robust glossary and several ways to stay connected to the Racial Equity community.

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