Weingart Foundation

The Weingart Foundation seeks to build a better America by offering constructive assistance to people in need, thereby helping them to lead more rewarding, responsible lives. In pursuit of these goals, the foundation makes grants to established nonprofit agencies and charitable organizations, chiefly in Southern California.

Purpose of Site:
To disseminate information on the Weingart Foundation's goals, programs, and initiatives.

Foundation Description:
The Weingart Foundation dates from June 6, 1951, when Ben Weingart and his wife Stella established the B.W. Foundation. The name was changed to the Weingart Foundation in April 1978. The foundation has focused its grantmaking on programs that address the needs of the underserved and the general community. Over the past twenty-eight years (1972-2000), the foundation has authorized grants of almost $500 million to support a variety of Southern California social services, educational, and community programs.

Home Page:
This well-designed and easily navigated site guides visitors smoothly through every stage of the grant application process.

Outstanding Feature:
The Weingart Foundation's Bulletin Board section is clean and informative, and links visitors to special messages to grantees, recent grant announcements, and, soon, an interactive message board where visitors can post queries and network with each other.

President: Fred J. Ali
Main Office:
1055 W. Seventh Street
Suite 3050
Los Angeles, California 90017-2305
Organization: Weingart Foundation

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