Women Deliver

Women Deliver

Mission: To equip advocates and changemakers with evidence and compelling messages that they can use to avance action on gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women.

Background: Women Deliver began as a global conference in London in 2007 under the leadership of Jill W. Sheffield, a global educator and advocate for maternal, reproductive, and sexual health and rights. The inaugural conference convened nearly two thousand clinicians, advocates, policy makers, and businesspeople involved in maternal and reproductive health. Since then, the NGO that Sheffield founded out of the conference, Women Deliver, has built on the commitments, partnerships, and networks mobilized at the conference to keep the preventable tragedy of maternal health on the global policy agenda and develop solutions across sectors to make safe motherhood a reality for all women. To that end, the organization led the charge in 2010 to put Millennium Development Goal 5 – Improve Maternal Health – on the global development agenda. The organization also fights for greater investment in and increased political action in support of the health of women and girls, raising awareness of the issue through funding for research and field projects, training for youth advocates, engagement with policy makers and the private sector, and the creation of spaces for collaboration and idea generation.

Outstanding Web Features: The main attraction of the site is a searchable database featuring several communication tools that provide interested visitors with evidence to support and strengthen their messaging around the issue of gender equality and the health and rights of women and girls. The content types in the database include infographics, policy briefs, reports, webinar information, and tool kits, with the topics covered ranging from sexual and reproductive rights and maternal and newborn health, to gender equality and cross-sectoral solutions, including advocacy for WASH and land rights, financing and partnerships, youth participation and leadership, and data accountability. By selecting a configuration, visitors can review downloadable documents and video webinars related to that particular topic, along with brief overviews that provide a preview of the material. Many of the items listed are also shareable through social media and email.

Women Deliver:
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