Emergency Medicine Foundation Issues RFP for Reducing Burnout Through Emergency Department Design

The Emergency Medicine Foundation has issued an RFP for Reducing Burnout Through Emergency Department Design.

A recent report suggests that more than 50 percent of domestic practicing physicians experience burnout. Due to the extremely stressful work environment, patient population, and 24/7 operations with irregular work hours in emergency departments (EDs), ED physicians experience an even higher prevalence of burnout, with up to 65 percent of physicians and residents meeting criteria for burnout.

The Reducing Burnout through Emergency Department Design RPF seeks proposals with the potential to reimagine how academic medical center emergency departments are designed by sparking innovation in an environment that has remained largely unchanged for decades. Through the RFP, a single grant of $40,000 will be awarded in support of research that investigates how the design of emergency department environments in academic medical centers impacts physician and resident burnout. Interdisciplinary collaboration is strongly encouraged.

Eligible applicants include emergency department physicians and residents in either teaching hospitals or universities, university faculty and doctoral students affiliated with a medical or design school, and architects and designers in architectural, engineering, design or consulting firms.

See the Emergency Medicine Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: January 27, 2020