Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation Welcomes Research on Regulatory Practices

In honor of Sigvard Hansen, MD, the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation welcomes applications to its Impact of Regulatory Policies on the Patient-Physician Relationship Research Grant program.

Through the program, grants of $75,000 will be awarded in support of investigator-initiated research focused on exploring the impact of regulatory practices on the patient-physician relationship. Proposals should examine how and to what extent the burden of additional required documentation impacts the amount and quality of time a physician has available to focus on direct patient care.

Examples of areas of investigation include clarifying the impact of the EMR "copy and pasting" practice on the utility of the EMR for clinical decision making; documenting the impact of examination room computer documentation on physician-patient communication; assessing the impact of medical "scribes" on physician-patient communication; examining the impact of EMR documentation on the process of shared decision making; detailing potential EMR practice changes to enhance the utility of the EMR for clinical research; the impact of the EMR on physician well-being, burn out/attrition, and job satisfaction; and the impact of other bureaucratic, administrative, and regulatory mandates on the physician-patient relationship and/or physician well-being and job satisfaction.

Eligible applicants include domestic, nonprofit, public, and private institutions of higher education such as hospitals, medical schools, universities, and colleges. PhDs may serve as the principal investigator (PI) if they have a primary or secondary faculty appointment in an orthopedic department.

See the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: February 07, 2020