Entries Welcome for Bennett Prize for Women Figurative Realist Painters

Talented women painters looking to take their figurative realist work to the next level are invited to apply for the $50,000 Bennett Prize, the largest cash prize offered solely to women painters.

The prize competition is open to qualified painters only. The term “qualified” painter describes a person who is a woman and fine art painter who applies paint to a generally two-dimensional surface (this does not include drawings made with pencil or crayon charcoal, photography, sculpture, installation video or performance art, or painting over digital printing); paints in the style in which the realistically depicted human figure, or figures, is central to the work; is pursuing a career as a full-time professional painter (hobbyists or serious amateurs not intending to work full-time as painters are not eligible); and has not yet received significant professional recognition (meaning the artist has not sold any single work of art for, nor has received an art prize or award, in an amount exceeding $25,000).

The prize competition is open to individuals in the United States only, and the prize is awarded to the same individual only once. More than six hundred artists entered the competition two years ago, exceeding expectations.

Artists may submit artwork of any size for jury consideration, but should the artist be selected as a finalist for the prize, the largest dimension of submitted work for the exhibition cannot exceed 72 inches. Finalists may sell their work but will enter into a loan agreement upon agreeing to participate in the show.

Entries must be submitted by October 16, 2020, to be considered. A $50 entry fee will be charged to all entrants.

For additional information, including a complete overview of the competition rules and a timeline, see the Bennett Prize website.

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Deadline: August 14, 2020