Terra Foundation Announces COVID-19 Relief Fund for Visual Arts Organizations

The Chicago-based Terra Foundation for American Art has announced an $8 million emergency funding commitment for visual arts organizations impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund provides emergency support to Chicago, U.S., and international arts organizations, as well as relief over the next two years for arts organizations in the U.S. The ongoing relief for U.S. museums is in the form of a new two-year grant program for the purpose of funding museums’ collection projects, with a focus on support for visual arts organizations committed to engaging with art of the United States.

Grants will be awarded in two phases, an initial emergency response for immediate release to organizations that are part of the foundation’s network of partners, and an ongoing relief effort for U.S. museums.

The first round of emergency relief funding is for up to $4 million to support partners, including $1 million to support operating costs awarded directly to Chicago-area cultural partners, as well as support for the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, a collaboration between the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago, and the broader philanthropic community; $2.6 million to support operating costs awarded directly to U.S. museum partners and nationwide arts service organizations; and $400,000 to support operating costs awarded directly to selected international museums that have been ongoing, multiyear foundation partners. 

The second round of relief funding is for up to $4 million, awarded over the next two years. The grants will include funding for a new responsive grant program for U.S. museums to provide grants to support collection-based projects and exhibitions on American art. Application details will be announced in the summer.

In addition to the foundation’s COVID-19 relief response, the foundation remains committed to its ongoing grant programs, which support projects and exhibitions on American art internationally, nationally, and in Chicago. The foundation is actively accepting grant applications for exhibition research and development, academic programs, and publications for Art Design Chicago 2024.

For more information, including an FAQ for foundation grantees, see the Terra Foundation for American Art website.

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Deadline: August 27, 2020