Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Invites Applications for Research

The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation works to improve the safety of patients during anesthesia care by identifying safety initiatives and creating recommendations that can be implemented directly and with partner organizations, being a leading voice for anesthesia patient safety worldwide, and supporting and advancing anesthesia patient safety culture, knowledge, and learning.

To that end, the foundation welcomes applications for its Annual Investigator Initiated Research Grants program. Through the program, grants of up to $150,000 over two years will be awarded for research with the potential to improve patient safety and lead to the prevention of mortality and morbidity resulting from anesthesia mishaps. 

Areas of research interest include but are not limited to studies that will yield results that directly increase patient safety, improve patient outcomes, and/or decrease incidence or severity of complications, morbidity, or mortality; studies that address peri-anesthetic safety problems for relatively healthy patients; studies that are broadly applicable to large numbers of patients and that promise improved methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation in clinical care; innovative methods of education and training to improve patient safety; the use of information technology to enhance perioperative patient safety; standardization of perioperative protocols to improve patient safety; new clinical methods for prevention and/or early diagnosis of mishaps; evaluation of new and/or re-evaluation of old technologies for prevention and diagnosis of mishaps; identification of predictors of negative patient outcomes and/or anesthesiologist/anesthetist clinical errors; development of innovative methods for the study of low-frequency events; measurement of the cost effectiveness of techniques designed to increase patient safety; development of innovative methods for prevention of medication errors; and studies of implementation of known safety ideas to a wide audience.

Eligible applicants include any qualified member of a sponsoring institution (hospital, university, clinic, etc.) in the United States or Canada.

LOIs will be accepted electronically beginning January 8 and are due February 18, 2021. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by early August 2021.

See the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.

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Deadline: February 04, 2021