Brain Tumor Funders' Collaborative Issues RFP for Neuro-Immune System Research

The Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative works to identify potential therapies for patients with primary human brain tumors, with the goal of increasing progression-free patient survival and improving quality of life for patients affected by a primary brain tumor.

To that end, BTFC has issued a Request for Proposals for research on the role of the neuro-immune system in the origin and progression of immune responses in primary human brain tumors with the hope of developing immunotherapies for treatment of these tumors in patients. Priority will be given to studies on immune responses in primary brain tumors in pediatric and/or adult human patients.

The program, which will provide grants of up to $250,000 per year over three years, will support a small number of multidisciplinary team-based projects. Teams should represent the requisite skills needed to carry out the proposed research, including clinical oncology, tumor biology, neuro-immunology, computational modelling, and data science. Other areas of immunotherapy research may also be entertained, including radiation-induced brain tumors in survivors of childhood cancers who received cranio-spinal radiation for their original cancer (leukemias or medulloblastoma).

To be eligible, applicants must be considered tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Pre-proposals must be received no later than May 11. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by July 13, 2018.

For complete program guidelines and proposal submission instructions, see the BTFC website.


Deadline: July 20, 2018